Our Spanish Programs and Classes are designed for children 2 - 12, who can learn Spanish through play, socialization, music, and crafts. These mentioned factors are very important for kids of those ages since they learn easily by playing, listening to music, and using their imagination with crafts and role play situations. All programs and classes are conducted by qualified bilingual teachers and instructors. We also teach adults (+13 and up). 

We help children express themselves in Spanish through love, respect, and creativity.

Our classes are about having fun, children and even adults can establish a positive association from learning a language. We believe that it is vital to provide innovative, interactive and lively lessons. We incorporate a variety of teaching methods to make the process of learning fun and effective. We want you to feel enthusiastic about learning Spanish!

Registration for the school year 2022-2023 is now open!

                 Meet Our Staff

Anneliesse Dale

Founder / Lead Instructor

Adriana Shwark

Lead Instructor

Zaritma Roman

Lead Instructor

Valentina Suarez

Lead Instructor

Andres Bastardo

Program Coordinator

Camp Instructor

Why Spanish Made Fun?

          Spanish Made Fun is 100% specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. We create a interactive and fun environment, where learning Spanish becomes a pleasure rather than a struggle.
The lessons for our classes are custom made by Spanish Made Fun instructor Anneliesse Dale.
We believe that the sooner a child begins to learn a second language, the better. Children who have uninterrupted language study beginning at an early age usually:
 * Have a possitive effect on mental development, and an enhaced overall intellectual growth.
* Able to speak the language perfectly and fluency comes fairly easily
and without accent.
* They perform better in all classes, problem solving skills, and greater mental flexibility, higher math skills, even been proved that bilingual kids perform better on their SATs.
 * Approach second language learning as an engaging and fun activity.

Experienced teachers

Fun education


About Us?

Spanish Camp Fun

Spanish  Camp Fun for children 5 - 12 years old. Children will have fun while learning the Spanish language, culture and customs through participating in a variety of activities that includes: Music, Instruments, Puppets Show, Dance, Games, Crafts, as well as many other Fun-filled activities.               

Each chapter will have a different theme to improve and expand their vocabulary. These group activities help the students learn and feel more confident when speaking the language.
Our camp is designed to provide an environment where english-speaking children learn Spanish, and   Spanish-speaking children further develop their language skills.



"Anneliesse teaches my seven-year old granddaughter. She is very engaging and she makes the class exiciting. My granddaughter thoroughly enjoys learning from her. Anneliesse is organized and has all sorts of material that she uses when working with the children. We look forward to continuing with her".

Ginna Unger

Logan´s Mom

"My son mentioned the other day that he is more interested and curious in learning Spanish than ever before. Thank you for creating lessons that are fun and engaging. I have seen a significant boost in his confidence in regards to his ability to understand and learn Spanish. I appreciate all your efforts and your commitment to excellence! ."


"Anneliesse is always a joy when she arrives to my house. She incorporates many age appropiate learning tools to keep my three boys engaged. Anneliesse is a asset to any learning environment. We have enjoyed her so much and my boys have become more confident and excited in learning and speaking spanish".


"I first met Anneliesse through Gwinnett Parks & Recreation in 2013. She has tutored two of my children for about 3 years now. They have really benefited from her weekly sessions. She is an exceptional tutor. She establishes a joyful and productive learning relationship with our children. Sessions with Anneliesse are focused and hands on. She is patient, observant and always encouraging. I have seen their confidence grow after each session with her."


"My six years old twins were enrolled in a Gwinnett Parks and Recreation Spanish class in 2015. My children throughly enjoyed the class. Both of my children were excited to go to Spanish class each week and enjoyed their time learning. She took advantage of hands on activities to keep my children engaged. I would definitely recommend Anneliesse Dale for any school, private,group classes or tutoring ."


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